Sansevieria cylindrica

Sansevieria cylindrica

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Sansevieria cylindrica var. patula 'Boncel' (Spear Orchid)

Sansevieria cylindrica var. patula 'Boncel' (Spear Orchid) is a succulent with short, fat leaves that spread out like a fan, and given time…

In Conclusion

Sansevieria Cylindrica succulents are popular ornamental houseplants. If the proper environmental conditions are met, these plants do well both indoors and outdoors. They can thrive even if you occasionally tend to be a careless or forgetful owner, making Sansevieria plants very easy to grow and care for.

The very few demands of these plants are a warm place in your home that provides bright and direct sunlight, a well-draining pot filled with a cactus potting mix, weekly watering during their growing season, and less attention in the winter. Also, when the Sansevieria plant will feel happy and loved, it will reward you with the mesmerizing fragrance of their flowers.

The Indoor Garden

I worked for over twenty years in the world of retail and commercial horticulture. I learned to truly appreciate these life forms. My goal was to find out how to keep them healthy and beautiful. Now I can share each plant's own unique instructions. As I go along in life, I'll sometimes take a picture of a plant I see, and let you in on all the specific secrets about that indoor plant.

from the Producer and Host of "The Indoor Garden", a 90's TV series

Basic Facts

If you have never seen a braided Sansevieria cylindrica plant, then now it’s your lucky time! They are unique, simple, yet so beautiful plants!

This plant goes by many names including Dracaena angolensis, African spear, spear sansevieria, cylindrical snake plant, or in Brazil Saint Bárbara sword.

This plant is classified as a succulent, and you won’t really have to do much work if you want to see it thrive, as the Sansevieria cylindrica has adapted itself to several types of climates that can be very difficult to live in, such as dried or arid regions in the world.

However, they do take their time to grow, so you will need to be patient if you would like to see your Sansevieria cylindrica plants thriving.

Sansevieria cylindrica belongs to the Asparagaceae family of plants, and it is considered an evergreen perennial succulent plant.

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